About This Blog

The Green Room is a blog intending to serve as an extension of our physical studio, a vibrant yet centering place for members to focus on their work. As such, it is our hope to provide a sense of community for those curious about fellow members’ ongoing projects and interests, and in a larger sense, to serve as muse, resource and encouragement for all those who create.

Countless serendipitous meetings have taken place through WWS, to be sure. However, because most members come and go according to their own schedules, they may not know who else is quietly working in the studio at other times. Members here may sometimes connect with one another and build community during a special event hosted at WWS or elsewhere. But it is in our kitchen, our green room, where daily we catch up, discuss art and inspire one another with anything from a good bar story to recent news of success. This blog is intended to provide a similar sense of community while informing others of their fellow members’ work. Not every member is profiled here, but the blog does represent a small cross-section of the diverse members who use WWS to focus on a project. Enjoy.

Amy Davis

WWS Co-Founder

Many of our members are aware of the time and effort it has taken to make The Green Room come to fruition. I say this because it is chiefly them who have made this possible. Their time, their work, and their talent, and energy are all things that have created the blog. Even if we have not spoken at length, I believe this to be true, because without them, my experience would have been something different entirely. My time here has been spent fully engrossed in and out of the studio alongside artists, aces and visionaries. I am continually surprised, humbled and inspired by this community, and now, quite unexpectedly, I feel as if I have become a part of it. I cannot thank all WWS members enough for that feeling. I have hope that this online platform can continue to serve as an extension of what these members have created simply by being a part of WWS.

Kit Peterson

WWS Intern


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